pudgy dog has been operating in winnipeg for over ten years. i am heather myers,  better known as the CPO of pudgy dog (chief poop officer). my philosophy is that dogs NEED and CRAVE exercise – much more exercise than they can get being out in a backyard or just going out for a 10 minute poop and pee twice a day.  they need to walk and be dogs. little or huge, they need to walk. so that’s what i do. i walk/run/rollerblade/skate around the beautiful trails and streets of winnipeg. sometimes i even organize a puppy party or two where the dogs get to chew on each other’s faces and run their little butts off!

i am fully licensed by the city of winnipeg, insured and bonded with pet sitter’s insurance through binks insurance brokers. i am also a hoot to have around – for you and your pet.