my dog isn’t pudgy – can he still be on your roster?

of course!  pudgy dog is just a term of endearment, not a weight requirement.

are you insured and licensed?

yes.  i have pet sitter’s insurance through binks insurance brokers limited i am a fully licensed business in the city of winnipeg.

do you take dogs overnight at your house?

no.  i sleep overnight at your house.

can you take my dog out at noon?

i probably won’t be there right at noon, but it’ll be sometime midday if that’s what you need.  if you ask for 7pm it will be sometime in the evening.  i run on dog time.

can you send me the odd email while i’m away to let me know how it’s going?

yes, i will definitely send you odd emails.  or you can check for updates/pictures on our website or facebook page.

how many dogs do you walk at once?

no more than 4.

my pet is my child. is that weird?

nope, that is as it should be.

i live in transcona, can you walk my dog?

haaaaa.  no.  as i get busier, my travel radius is shrinking.  i stick to river heights, tuxedo, the village, corydon, crescentwood, and wolseley.

does the 30 or 60 minute exercise time include travel time?

no, the clock doesn’t start until the paws hit the ground.

how and when do i pay you?

i email an invoice at the end of each month.  you can pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

we’re going away for two weeks starting tomorrow. can you pet sit for us?

haaaa, oh you’re precious.  i usually book a couple of months in advance for this service.

i’m playing hooky from work today so don’t need you to come walk my dog. how do i let you know?

just send me a quick txt or email and i’ll take you off the roster for the day.  no problemo and no charge.

do you train dogs?


eeek! i have to work late tonight? can you pop by my house and take the dog out?

probably yes!  i’m flexi that way.  just send a txt or email and i’ll try to help you out.

do you administer medication to pets?

yes.  pills, drops, insulin shots – whatever you need.

my step-son will be coming to the house while we’re away. can you make sure that he doesn’t have a party?

if he tries to have a party i’ll have the locks changed and let you know about it so you can deal with him.  and then i will judge your parenting skills.

what kind of pets do you care for?

NO SPIDERS.  no scorpions or snakes either – that’s just weird.  reptiles are pushing it.  i like fluffy things – dogs, cats, birds, hamsters.  fish are cool too.

how safe are my house keys?

all of my keys are coded so as to not refer to you or your house at all.  they are safe with me and locked away when not in use.

do you have references?

if, after reading these FAQs, checking out our website, and following me on instagram you still need references, just ask and i’ll happily email you a list of clients that you can contact.