spay/neuter — all dogs over the age of one year must be spayed or neutered.

probation period — all new pudgy dogs will undergo a one month probationary period. during this time i will be assessing your dog for pudgy suitability.

equipment — i insist upon an intact leash and a secure collar that cannot slip over the dog’s head. if your dog is not trained to walk on a loose leash, i require that you provide an Easywalk Harness or Halti/Gentle Leader for walking or a secure yard in which to play. also, it is helpful to have a few dog towels by your door for soppy days.

off-leash — pudgy dogs are on leash at all times in accordance with the city of winnipeg by-law no. 2443/79. we allow off-leash play only in securely fenced yards. i do not go to off-leash dog parks. cats will remain indoors while under our care.

dogs with special needs — for my safety and the safety of the public, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to aggressive dogs. termination of service will occur if a dog displays aggressive behaviour (biting, attacking, threatening) toward a person or another animal while in our care.

pudgy dog charges a premium for dogs who must be walked individually. this includes, but is not limited to, dogs who are ill or recovering from surgery and puppies who have not completed their vaccination schedule.

puppies will have yard/play time until they are trained to walk nicely on leash.

cancellationdog walking – i understand that stuff happens so please let me know as soon as you need to cancel. i only charge if i get to your house and you are home from work or the dog isn’t there, you will suffer my verbal wrath and be billed.pet sitting – you need to provide one week’s notice for cancellation of a one week booking, one month’s cancellation notice for a one month booking, two day’s notice for a two day booking and so on. get it? if you do not give adequate cancellation notice, you will be billed 50% of your original pet sitting fee.