no, i didn’t pay these people to say such nice things.  i used threats and bribes… much more effective…

I can’t believe it will be 6 years that Pudgy Dog has been taking care of my fur babies!! I can honestly say I wouldn’t know what I would do without Pudgy Dog -no seriously you can never move and preferably take extremely short vacations if you must take any ;-)!

Henry and Bryn luv Aunties Heather, Allison, Troy and sometimes Sande. I don’t worry for one second once I leave my house about anything! The doods will be laughing, sleeping, posing for pictures and sniffing butts the whole time I’m gone. My chocolate will be eaten and beers drank and I would be mad if they weren’t!

I can’t say how many serious business meetings I have been in when receiving a text from Heather that has made me burst out loud laughing! The wit and humour that match the pictures she sends is outstanding. If only she would make a coffee table book or calendar (hint hint). In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the great facebook family I feel I have come to know through Pudgy Dog.

Having Pudgy Dog means my daughter and I can have two of the best things in our life that bring us so much joy, comfort and companionship. Thank you Pudgy Dog!! (Shanleigh, Henry & Bryn)


I have been using the Pudgy services for my dog Tika for over two years.  Tika is the most important thing in my life, and I leave her in the trusty hands of Heather and Allison on an almost daily basis.  She has even spent a glorious weekend in Gimil with the Pudgy family.  I know Tika loves her aunties very much, and so do I!  My favourite part of Pudgy Dog is the daily updates and pictures I receive via text messages.  I feel like I’m getting a message from Tika herself. I also enjoy following the Pudgy Facebook page to  get a chance to see pictures of some of Tika’s friends.  Thank you Heather and Pudgy Dog.  You are fabulous.  (Christine & Tika)


Pudgy Dog = Trust … that’s a huge deal for me as I’m a total suck about my fluffy-panted pooch. My initial reason for contacting Pudgy Dog was because I wanted to ensure my mutt was getting outside for a walk during daylight hours of the dark winter months. That was the beginning of a routine that I have happily counted on for the last two years. I recommend Pudgy Dog to all of my friends for all of their pet-needs!  (Ginger & Hazel)


Pudgy Dog is the best!  We really have relied on their dog walking and overnight services over the last several years.  We couldn’t take all the fun adventure trips without them!  We just can’t say enough how much we truly appreciate all the love, care, and attention that is provided to our Rufus by Pudgy Dog.  Thank you Heather & staff! (Karen, Mark & Big Rufus)


“Don’t tell my family but I love my Auntie Heather best of all.”  Oliver

The only disadvantage I can see of having a pet is they make it difficult to go away. It’s hard to have fun on vacation if you’re worried that your furry or feathered friend is slowly turning into an anxiety ridden stress ball while you’re away. To say nothing about crossing your fingers that the sump pump doesn’t back up when no one is around to notice. That is why the services offered by Heather at Pudgy Dog are so invaluable.  Your house will look lived in, because it is. A house crisis will be handled. Your pet will be having such a fun time while you’re away that they’ll almost be disappointed when you return.  And you’ll know all of this because it will have been documented with pictures and hilarious little stories sent to you regularly while you’re away to give you peace of mind and a daily chuckle.  If you have a pet, you need Pudgy Dog.  I can’t recommend them highly enough. (Rachel & Mike & Oliver)


After a couple of pretty emotionally difficult years of shared custody, my 10 year old Puggle Elly finally became my girl 100% of the time in the January of 2013.  As ecstatic as I was to win the fight to have her with me every single day, I struggled with the guilt I felt leaving her at home while I worked my 60-70 hour work week.

When a friend referred Pudgy Dog, I was hesitant. Elly isn’t great with strangers, and has never been the best with other dogs. She wasn’t violent or anything, but she also made it quite clear to me that she had no interest in socializing with other dogs quite early on in her life. She would coexist with them, but that was the extent of it.I decided to let Heather come and meet Elly and I would determine how I felt about it after that.The day that we first met Heather she came in the door, introduced herself,  and then got down on the floor and introduced herself to Elly. Elly went from barking to a full body tail wag in record time, and it was very evident immediately that I would be leaving Elly in good hands when I saw Heather lie down on the floor with her and rub her belly for the entire length of our visit that day.For the first month or two, I would only text Heather to walk Elly on the days that I knew I would be gone for 12 hours, but after seeing a vast improvement in Elly’s health and temperament, I very soon I put Elly on a schedule to be walked every day of the week that I was at work. My work schedule changes constantly, and Heather is always understanding about my ever changing Sunday texts to let her know what days Elly needs her in the following week. She even walks her on the weekend while I work!   At first I agonized a bit over the cost of having a dog walker, but the feeling of being able to let go of the guilt I felt at leaving her everyday far outweighed the money.There are days that I tear up when I open the pictures that Heather or Allison send me… there is no greater feeling to me than knowing that Elly is being taken care of while I am off at work.As I reflect on the past two years since hiring Pudgy Dog, making the decision to give my girl the life she deserves is one of the best I’ve made. I enjoy walking with her through the neighborhood now and seeing her encounter other dogs that she knows or houses she visits on her walks. It’s like Elly has a whole other life while I‘m at work that I know nothing about! She likes other dogs now, and although she will always be a “pudgy dog”, she carries less weight on her tiny frame which will allow her to continue to be the highlight of many of my days for years to come.Heather and Allison have both truly been excellent Aunties to Elly. It is very evident to me that they have come to love her as much as I do, and I am forever grateful for them. They allow me to not feel guilt when I leave the house every morning (no small feat from a Catholic!), and to know that my girl is in the hands of people that take as much care with her as I do.I cannot recommend them highly enough. (Carolyn & Elly – aka the piglet)


“I could tell you how professional Pudgy Dog is, but that would be boring.  My dog’s experience with Pudgy Dog has not been boring in the least. 

Brodie adores Pudgy Dog.  He loves the variety of activities, from walks to play dates.  I swear he understands when I tell him ‘goodbye for now, pal…but Heather is coming to see you’.   
I highly recommend Pudgy Dog.” (Kevin, Jackie & Brodie)

Pudgy dog is amazing! Heather absolutely loves what she does, and you can tell. I can’t say enough about the care they provide for your animals. I have been relying on Pudgy dog for four years now. When I go on vacation they are my only go to, to care for my 15 year old, deaf, geriatric cock-a-poo, who is on a couple daily medications. Last winter, I went out of country for almost a month and they were able to stay at my house. This is a huge advantage for Lucy as she has some separation anxiety and being displaced from the home for a period of time can be super stressful on her (and me). I got updates via email with pictures, which was so nice! When I got home, you could tell she had a wonderful time. Whenever pudgy dog stays with her, I come home to a super happy dog. I love seeing pictures on Facebook of the dogs, and you know there will be a witty caption with each picture, just to make you smile. I highly recommend Pudgy dog and would not trust my dog with anyone else, especially given her special needs. I know she will be well attended to and happy upon my return. Thank you for all you do for our dogs! (Cat & Lucy)


Life would be so much simpler if we’d just gotten a pet rock. But who
needs simple? Not us! When we picked a dog breed, we went for
complicated. Our three pups are American Hairless Terriers. Not a
speck of hair, except for whiskers. They’re small dogs with BIG
personalities, which we help them express with fleece jumpsuits that
they wear at all times. (Yeah, we’re those people.)

So, travel is a bit complicated for us. Their caregivers have to
understand that they’re going to have to dress these little guys, even
if they think it’s dumb. In the summer they’re chilly from the
air-conditioning. In the winter, well, it’s Winnipeg, so there’s boots
and snowsuits to deal with. And they’re terriers. They always know
exactly what you want from them, but they don’t always care. Did I
mention that they sleep in bed with us?

I don’t know how we ever found someone willing to take on all that
crazy, but we did. Heather gives them all the love, care and attention
that they need when we’re gone. Probably better than we do. But she
doesn’t put up with any guff from the little terrierists, either. When
Merry says she can’t get up the stairs by herself, Heather reminds her
that she totally can. And then she does! (But sadly, she forgets again
once we get home. Sigh. What can you do?)

In summary: if Heather can manage three of these high-maintenance
little dogs and their even more high-maintenance mama, she can walk
your pug. You should email her. You won’t be sorry. Really. I don’t
know what we would do without her. (Annette, Brian, Willow, Merry & Nigel)


Pudgy Dog is the best!  I have been using Pudgy’s services for over six years.  I feel completely confident when Pudgy Dog takes my dogs for walks or stays in my home overnight.  Heather (and company!) are mature, competent, funny, pet-centred, smart and reliable.  She has stepped up to be temporary mom more times than I can count and all of my dogs have loved her to pieces.  There have been times when I’ve been unable to provide care for them and Heather has been there to help me out.  I owe her so much for the support she’s given me when I’ve needed it!  I recommend Pudgy all the time to anyone looking for dog walking, cat/dog sitting and pet lovin’! (Brenda, Stan & Sadie)


We have had the pleasure of Heather’s services for the last couple of years, and that will continue for as long as we have dogs.  We have two big, strong dogs.  Heather walks them like a real pack leader.  Our dogs get excited by the sight of Heather at our door or, in fact, by the mere mention of her name.  They clearly have fun with and affection for her, which are very welcome signs for us as devoted, doting dog owners.  We want the very best for our dogs when we cannot walk them ourselves.  That is embodied in Heather Myers.  We recommend her unhesitatingly and unequivocally. (Avery, Betty, Ella & Daisy)


Every walk morning around 9 o’clock, our Shepherd cross, Kira, strategically plants herself on the cushion with greatest access to the back door and the wait begins for auntie heather or auntie allison. When she hears the side gate open, she’s up and racing to the back landing. One of her aunties walks through the door with leash in hand and (usually) a dog-filled car parked at the curb – It’s a joy to see a dog so happy to go for a walk, especially a walk that could also include a pug or two, a havanese, maybe a beagle and sometimes even the famous Tika. Kira is a happy dog. She came into our lives just over 4 years ago at the age of 7; wonderfully sweet with us but very cautious and concerned about pretty much everything else. Pudgy dog has made a huge difference in the quality of her life and ours. The overnight pet sits have been a godsend. We can take a vacation and relax – knowing that Kira is well taken care of – in her own home – by someone who really gets her. Not only do we arrive home to a happy dog but to sheets and towels that have been washed and dried! Can’t beat that. Heather and Allison are amazing. When they say they ‘heart your dog’ – they really DO heart your dog. (Diane, Guy & Kira)


With apologies to Gloria Gaynor!

First we were alone
We were petrified
Kept thinking we could never work late, travel, vacation,
without Maggie, Molly, Willow, Leo, Zappa, JFB and the pesce beings by our side
And we spent so many nights
wandering around in fog
and then we found
the Pudgy Dog!

So now we go, walk out the door
knowing that the gang are happy and jolly
spending time with Auntie.
‘Cause Pudgy is best
to hell with all the rest.
We will survive!
We will survive!
Ooooo, Pudgy Dog”

Karen, Lloyd, Molly, Maggie, Zappa, Leo, JFB, Willow and the fish


Having found myself with five lovely, neurotic street foundlings, I knew I needed something a step up from the average pet-sitting service. When I saw the Winnipeg Free Press story about Heather out roller-blading with her charges posted on the board in It’s Raining Cats and Dogs, I thought I might have found it. When the IRC&D staff told me that Heather looked after their dogs, I was really excited. And when Heather came to visit and immediately got down on the floor, naso a naso with my horde, I knew my kids were in love. 

What was most important to me was that my tribe felt secure — each having abandonment issues to some degree, and other assorted behavioural problems — and that whoever was looking after them understood their “issues” were just part of the package that makes them who they are. Heather doesn’t need to be told such thing: it’s part of their package. And because of that, I feel secure knowing I don’t have to worry about what’s going on at home when I’m travelling. It can’t be easy for them, but it’s a god-send that the Pudgy ladies are willing to do sleepovers — even though they have to share the bed with all five of their biggest fans.

I’ve heartily recommended Pudgy Dog to many friends who are now clients. Basically, I finally understand why my parents were so miffed when we kids used to jump up and down when we heard our favourite babysitter was coming. It doesn’t matter if Heather is just coming to deliver dog food from IRC&D, or staying overnight, the dogs’ excitement is palpable. The cats are a little more blase (but the fact that Holly actually got a picture of the excessively shy Billie kitty speaks volumes), but they’re Pudgy Doggers in their reserved feline hearts.

Margaret, Sam, Ollie, Franky, Billie & Tonka


Pudgy Dog gives Mugzie the exercise and fun he needs during the day while I’m at work. He gets the royal treatment from Heather. Mugzie goes for trips and plays with his Pudgy Dog buddies. He is a happier pug because of Pudgy Dog. Heather is amazing. She’s dependable and flexible. Her enthusiasm is obvious by the quality of care she provides. Heather doesn’t just walk Mugzie, she enrichs his life. It’s awesome to always come home to a cheerful pug and a Pudgy Dog note that lets me know what adventures Mugzie has had that day – definitely puts a smile on my face!
I am so grateful to Heather for the incredible job she does. Mugzie and I don’t know what we’d do without them. Pudgy Dog is the best!

Larissa & Mugzie


Pudgy Dog is an amazing company that every dog owner should use! They make every visit special for Layla (our puppy) and love her just as much as we do! I know that when we have a busy day, she is getting the best exercise and care possible with Heather. Not to mention getting the Pudgy Dog notes after their visits, which has become one of the funniest things in my life! Our Layla was a little rough around the edges but Heather has given her some great friends and have truly made her a happier, healthier dog because of it! Thank you Pudgy Dog!

Jenn, Justin & Layla


My schedule got tight all of a sudden. Our dogs needed attention
and I needed to know they were well taken of when I was out. Pudgy
Dog to the rescue!! Woody, Peaches and Sushi are soooo happy when
they see Heather. They are always cheerful, reliable and
very flexible! Love her!

Joan, Derek, Sushi, Peaches, Woody & Pumpkin


Shadow-Flair came into my life rather unexpectedly.  It’s a long story how we found each other, but it was love at first sight. He is a senior citizen (12 years old) and he has had a pretty hard life.  When I got Shadow I promised him that I was going to provide him with the best end of life possible. That said, I was nervous about how I was going to care for this high energy dog on my own while working full-time. 

Then I met Heather and learned about Pudgy Dog. I was on the website within the hour and the rest is history. Heather walks Shad at least two times per week. My job can be rather unpredictable so I often (okay, all the time) text them at the last minute and tell her I can’t make it home at lunch to walk Shads.  She has always accommodated me. In fact, I can’t think of a time that she has not been available.  Heather has also looked after Shads and my parents dog Cleo in my home for a week at a time. Leaving Shadow is difficult for me and Heather is the only one I trust to look after him. She has also proven herself capable of  managing Cleo the Bouvier who can be a bit of a diva (I hope my parents don’t read this…).  I trust H completely and I love the little extras she does like leaving pudgy notes and giving Shad his Kong.  Heather even helped me search for Shad when he escaped one morning (no worries we found him lounging at Starbucks!). Anyways, I honestly don’t know what I would do without Pudgy Dog’s support.  H has become like our extended family and Shadow loves her! I would recommend Pudgy Dog to anyone!

Jennifer & Shadow


I have had the opportunity of using the services provided by Pudgy Dog on more than one occasion while away on vacation with great success.

It was a pleasure to have Heather as well as her associate stay in my home and care for my elderly dog while I was away.  My dog being elderly has had some health issues as of late and I shared by concerns with them.  I knew in speaking with them that my concerns and requests would be dealt with in a caring and compassionate manner during my absence.

Pudgy Dog provides a service which is hard to come by and I am so thankful that she was available to assist me in vacations which I may not otherwise been able to have.

Thanks so much, and keep up the excellent work that you do.

Val & Akela


“I so highly recommend Heather of Pudgy Dog.  She’s such a wonderful person, so friendly, fun, and caring, and she absolutely loves what she does and it shines through in every part of the business.  She has taken care of our dogs and/or cats a few times now, and I love knowing without a doubt that our babies are being well cared for and loved.  And I know that Pudgy Dog will continue to grow and thrive as a small business – Heather really cares and are such a joy to know and follow, and she goes above and beyond to give affection, caring and fun to all the pets she visits!  I’m such a fan of Pudgy Dog – and of Heather!  And how can you not love a business with the name Pudgy Dog, it’s so cute!!”

Rebecca, Jody, Emma, James & Ferd


Top 5 Reasons Why Pudgy Dog is the BEST !

5.    She actually seems to like the cat. And CASI is one angry cat.

4.    She always comes. Even on really short notice. Like panicky half hour notice.

3.    Her daily report cards are so much fun to read. And she posts awesome pictures on the web page of your dog and cat with hilarious captions. Captions that capture their personalities perfectly.   

2.   It’s cool to know that Keji has this life that goes on when we are not there. He walks with other dogs. He has buddies over for ball games in his back yard. He knows dogs we have never met.  

1.    We know that when we can’t be home with them, our cat and dog are in great hands.

Trudy, Mike, Casi & Keji


Howdy everyone!  Sydney Kitty here on behalf of the other Petite Pets—Zach the Mini Poodle and Lexie the Partial Pug.  We just wanted to tell you how much we love our Pudgy Dog sitter Heather.  We moved to Winnipeg in June 2009 from the United States.  Our Mom is in the United States Air Force and sometimes she has to travel a lot, which used to make us sad.  We think we can watch ourselves, but Mom wasn’t so sure.  Fortunately, she found Pudgy Dog through one of our favorite stores, It’s Raining Cats and Dogs. 

She came over to our house to meet us and wasn’t scared off by Mom’s four-page list of instructions on how to take care of us.  We love it when Mom goes away now because we have so much fun with Heather.  No more sad faces when the suitcases come out!  Heather takes just as good care of us as she does and she even brushes our teeth and our fur.  She sends constant updates, pictures, and videos on all the adventures we have.  It’s a Petite Pet Party the whole time!  She takes us for walks and field trips and let us watch our favorite TV shows.  And when Mom comes home, the house is spotless.  She can just play with us and relax. 

The best part about Pudgy Dog is Lexie is her favorite instead of Zach and me for a change.  Everyone loves us because we are friendly and cuddly.  Lexie is a bit shy because she’s a rescue.  She takes a REALLY long time to warm up to people.  Even after a year, she never bonded with our last pet sitters in the US, but Heather worked really hard to gain her trust from the beginning and now she is one of the five people she snuggles with.  We only get a little jealous!

Anyway, we hope your pet parents are smart like our Mom and choose Pudgy Dog.  Even if they use Dog in their name, they are still the best!

Jessica, Zach, Sydney, & Lexie


In the past while on vacation we could never totally unwind or relax wondering how our cats were.  Our neighbour told us about Pudgy Dog and how great they are. Once meeting Heather I knew that our 5 month old kittens would be in great hands.  We enjoyed the email updates while on vacation and never lost a minutes sleep worrying. 

Thanks Pudgy Dog!

Rick, Pam, Phoebe and Jack 


“We brought our new “high spirited” puppy home and were astonished at just how much energy he had and how much he loved shoes!  Our busy work and life schedules meant a few days a week that Jasper would be at home alone.  By the time we got home… it wasn’t pretty.  Thankfully another very happy Pudgy Dog client put us in contact with Heather who has saved the day!  Jasper is so played out after his runs/plays that he has calmed down and is much better behaved!  His time with Heather is the highlight of Jasper’s week and we can count on Heather for house and puppy sitting while we are away. We love Pudgy Dog and are confident that you will too!”

Laura, Mark and Jasper


“Pudgy Dog is great! Without fail, I come home to very happy dogs. Tash and
Ky get a good workout with Heather. It doesn’t matter what the
weather is like–the dogs get their exercise while I am at work.

I enjoy the notes left after every walk from Pudgy Dog to let me know a few
of the details about the walk that day. It is lovely to know what my
“furkids” have been doing while I can’t be with them!

Heather is reliable and truly lovely people.
I am so lucky that I found this wonderful service for my dogs. And my dogs
feel the same way!

Linda, Tash and Ky


“After I broke my foot early last year I was unable to walk my dog Paddington and he gained a lot of weight.  My aunt showed me an article from the Free Press about Pudgy Dog.  I called and they started walking Paddy the very next day.  Paddy and I love everything about Pudgy Dog – Heather is very professional and dependable and write the cutest daily reports on Paddy’s activities.  Paddy is now back to a healthy weight.   I would highly recommend Pudgy Dog to anyone who needs help keeping their dog happy and fit.”

Barbara and Paddington


“Loco & I moved down from Rankin Inlet, NU, in October ’08 and it was a whole new world for him – trees, grass, squirrels (tree’d a couple already), no sicsics (the northern much slower/fatter version of squirrels), fast-moving vehicles, and no Hondas cruising the roads. Since he’s spent his entire Eskimo Husky life in the Arctic, the big city was quite the adventure for him and yet he was confined to his kennel while his human had to go to work. Since I work every day for anywhere between 8-10 hours, when I came across Pudgy Dog’s ad on Facebook, it was the answer to Loco’s social life.

I contacted Heather on a Sunday morning via email and we met later that afternoon to make the introductions. Loco was immediately a fan and couldn’t get enough of his new BFF. Heather just had that smell (in a good way!).

That was in December ’08 and I still have every Pudgy Note (the daily note she leaves you about what her and your dog did that day) that she’s left. My family and friends come over and want to read them – it’s so much fun to hear that someone else gets to enjoy Loco’s falling over like a drunken frat boy while he’s peeing. 🙂 It’s a great thing to know that your pet/best friend/companion is being so well cared for and enjoyed for all their unique characteristics (which you’ve come to love/tolerate). I’ve also received some Pudgy Notes by email along with some pictures…my favorite being of him peeing on an awesome (slightly disfigured) snowman that Heather built in my backyard.

I can’t say enough good things about Pudgy Dog and would recommend without hesitation. Heather has helped me out when plans have changed at the last minute and is ALWAYS happy/willing/able to do it. Where else do you get that kind of service??? Loco and I have to come to love love love Pudgy Dog and are grateful every day for Heather!”

Naomi & Loco


“Heather has provided excellent care for my Maxx and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I had lost my previous kennel support and was beside myself trying to find just the right care for Maxx.  He is now 16 years old and Heather has shown great patience and understanding – with Maxx as well as myself (being a rather neurotic dog owner).  She has given me peace of mind when my work takes me away from home.  We wish Pudgy Dog much continued success!!”

Shirley and Maxx


“Heather would always be my first choice when it comes to having someone look after our dog “Guinness” whether it’s for a day, a week, or a walk. She loves animals and they listen to her.”

Leslie and Guinness

“Our dog Pistache (go back and look at the groovy pictures of our puppy growing up at Heather’s place) loves Heather more than us. Somehow we have not yet picked up Heather’s zen-like-dog-mistress-pack-leader qualities and this requires us to keep sending Stashie to the fun house, and for us to watch more dog whisperer DVDs. What dog walker sends you daily updates on what your dog is doing so you can stay in touch with your furry friends?  What dog walker can tell you how many miles your dog ran this morning? Fact of the matter is that we trust Heather and know our Pee-Stash is safe, and having a blast while we toil at work, and she is getting exercise to keep her in a non-pudgy state!  We have asked Heather if we can move in but have not yet received a reply. Shop local. Shop PUDGY DOG.”

Jocelyn, Ann, Pistache and Tag

“Whenever we leave our golden retriever with Heather we know that she is in great hands.  She clearly loves our dog more than anyone we have had dog-sit over the past 40 years.  Heather (and her dog Abby) are so much better than having to bring Whoppi to a kennel.  She brushes the dog, brought her to the airport to greet us after a long week without our baby, taught her how to sit for more than just a second as she does for us, took photos of “the kids” and I hate to say it but is more caring, kind and responsible than our own four grown boys!  We plan on using Heather and Pudgy Dog again really soon.”

Lynda, Bryan and Whoopi